H11 48" Dozer Blade

Impressive performance and versatility

The H11 transforms the Walker Mower into a highly productive and capable snow, gravel, or dirt pushing machine.

Building upon the success of the 46” Dozer Blade, the H11 is now 48” wide and incorporates features that increase performance and ease of use. The H11 is Walker designed and built, using the latest fabrication technology, precision tooling, and quality workmanship. Two additional diagonal braces reinforce the outer edges of the blade increasing its strength and long-term durability. The H11 features a foot-actuated angle adjust mechanism that allows the operator to quickly set the blade to 5 different positions and also employs trip-over protection with adjustable preload. A replaceable UHMW polyethylene wear strip comes standard, and both steel and polyurethane wear strips are options. The H11 utilizes the Walker powered Implement Hitch. Mounting the H11 to the implement hitch takes only seconds and can be easily switched out for a rotary broom, 2 stage snow blower, or debris blower.

The following are required for mounting the H11 48" Dozer Blade:

The following options are available for the H11 Dozer Blade


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